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Electrical Petitions get new legs.

Monday, October 12, 2015


The Electrical Petition battle moves forward.

Yes, it has been a few days since any update has been posted and yes the 21 day deadline for the city to answer did expire several days back, so yes this news is much over due .. so as they say, without further ado, here is where we are now.

The city did file their response on a timely basis and as expected used several of the arguments they brought forward in the city council meeting and added a few extras, all of which we feel are really "reaching" when it comes to valid interpretation of law, but of course that is what lawyers are paid to do.

What we did not take into account was the fact that Power to Transform (PTT), the non profit organization that has been formed for citizen advocacy, cannot be represented by an individual in court.  Basically, because PTT is a corporation, only a licensed attorney can legally represent it. An individual can legally represent themselves (Pro Se), but they cannot represent anyone (or any entity) other themselves. 

This set off a search for the right law firm, a search that required us to match the firm against the pending legal battle. This we did not take lightly as it was realized without the right talent, the citizens of Coleman could easily be cheated out of their due justice. This search proved to be somewhat lengthy, but... we are very happy to let you know that we have found what we believe is truly a top notch firm;  that is, perfectly suited for the cause.

So, I'm pleased to announce at this time, the firm that will be representing PTT and the citizens of Coleman who just want relief from these abusive electrical rates, is the law firm of Zollie Steakley, PLLC

After speaking only a few minutes with Mr. Steakley the first time, I realized he has the perfect set of qualifications required to bring relief to Coleman.

More on the Forum in a few minutes ...

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