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Video interview with Mayor Kay Joffrion on the Austin Trip

Thursday, May 07, 2015 - by Craig Allen

On April 20th, eight (8) city leaders and citizens from Coleman traveled to Austin, without authorization from any board or council, to convince our congressman not to support two house bills that sought to make the electrical contract open to the public.

The 8 were:
  1. City Manager, Paul Catoe,                                      --
  2. Mayor Pro-tem Gary Payne,                          --
  3. Mayor-Elect Nick Poldrack                                  -- 625-3370
  4. City Attorney, Pat Chesser,                                  --
  5. EDC Executive Director, Kim Little                 --
  6. EDC Secretary, Roy Poage                           --
  7. County citizen Kay Poage, wife of Roy Poage
  8. Citizen Rodney Cole Jr, as chauffeur.
Yes, these 8 people traveled all the way to Austin in what can only be described, in my opinion, as a covert action to sabotage the processes of transparency that had been started in Austin to give much needed relief to the citizens of Coleman.
WHY did this happen and who authorized it?
We spoke with Mayor Kay Joffrion on this matter.  Here is a video of Mayor Kay on this subject.

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