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Dear Candidates,

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - by Craig Allen

Yesterday we sent out the following email to the two citizens that are running for the position of city council member, west ward.


Dear Candidates,

If you would like to put together a short 100-200 word "As you go to vote" message to the voters, supporting your candidacy, please email it back to us ASAP and we'll publish it on

Thank you for your willingness to serve Coleman.



As of today, we have not received any response from Ms. Merriman.  If we receive a response from Ms. Merriman, we will happily publish it.

Ms. Jeannie Moss responded with the following:

As you go to cast your ballot, please keep in mind that Coleman is at a tipping point:  we can move forward, toward growth and progress, or regress slowly into oblivion.  Your vote can decide which way our great little town will go.
I am the candidate who is willing to look at all alternatives, especially when it comes to our high electric rate!  I believe you have clearly asked the city council to step up and fix this situation.  Please consider where we are and where you would like us to be in the future.
I’m so pleased to see all the new businesses that have recently opened, along with those that are currently in the planning and building stages.  They are signs of an awakening right here in Coleman – a true renewal of our town that makes me so proud.  I will work to strengthen this momentum and to provide, as much as possible, an environment that both promotes and encourages growth and prosperity for Coleman. 

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