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Coleman spared from violent weather

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - by Craig Allen

We buttoned up the ranch this last Thursday in preparation for the significant weather that was forecast to hit Coleman county through Saturday; yet here at the ranch, and for most of us in Coleman, we only saw a little rain. Each day a new threat of significant weather, and every day, the storms just seemed to split just as they approached Coleman. 

When we first moved here, I often thought we moved just 8 miles to far west, as it would appear that the grass was just a little greener as we drove towards Brownwood.  Perhaps now; years later, I've come to appreciate the fact that Coleman really could use a LOT more rain, but, we really do not need every weather event to materialize for us. 

Sometimes we really need to appreciate what we have and have received as well as what we have not.

A tornado touched down [last week] in McHenry, Illinois.  Tornadoes hit multiple locations.

Here is some incredible footage of a tornado tipping a truck over and debris flying everywhere. This footage is near Rochelle, Illinois.  Note: This video is public. The "not for broadcast statement" is not pertinent to youtube embedded shares.

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