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Video of city council meeting 5/14/15

Friday, May 15, 2015 - Posted by Craig Allen, in City news, Videos


Video of Coleman city council meeting, May 14th, 2015.

Highlights include installation of new members of the council, reconfirmation of Pat Chesser as city attorney for two more years and appointment of Robert Nash as city judge and Karen Langley as alternative.

Several people spoke during the 5 minute period reserved for comments by citizens. This item is for comments NOT on the agenda.  Mr. Jody Payne and Mr. Ross Jones, spoke in favor of the resolution that was on the agenda and asked the council members to pass this resolution so that there would be a clear set of rules that could be followed.
Entire article and video at:

Nancy Emmert read a very well crafted later from Eric Joffrion on transparency and the progress that Mayor Kay Joffrion had brought to Coleman.  Jeannie Moss also took the podium to remind newly installed members, particularly councilwoman...

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Coleman Livestock Auction 5/6/15

Thursday, May 14, 2015, in General News.

Coleman Livestock Auction Commission Co. Inc.

date of sale: May 6th 2015
volume: 1566
trend: Steady/Higher
  Steers Heifers
200-300 Lbs. 235-375  225-350
300-400 Lbs. 200-230  170-220
400-500 Lbs. 215-290  200-290
500-600 Lbs.
600-700 Lbs. 180-235  170-200
700-800 Lbs.
Slaughter Cows 90-120
Slaughter Bulls 120-155
Stocker Cows 1200-2750
Pairs 1500-3600
Cattle Sales every Wednesday 11:00

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New Mayor & City Council will vote Thurs. to prevent citizen input.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - Posted by Kay Joffrion, in City news, Opinion/Commentary


Citizens of Coleman,

Your new Mayor & City Council will vote Thurs. night regarding issues involving you being able to speak at city council mtgs. If the res
olution they are presenting is passed, you will have to complete a form (giving your personal info & a description of your subject matter) before the meeting to be able to speak on a subject during the time visitors are allowed to speak at the beginning of the meeting. If you wish to speak on an agenda item you will have to complete a form and only be allowed to speak for 3 min. regarding that item on the agenda. All of this is at the discretion of the Mayor or presiding officer. So if they don't want you to speak, YOU WON'T BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK -- EVEN THOUGH YOU PAY THE TAXES THAT RUN THIS TOWN.

Another part of their "resolution" is that "your comments must be respectful to the members of the city council & staff". The City Mangler & Ms. Merriman were not respectful of me when they made several comments during my term as Mayor. Guess they can dish it out but can't take it!

I would suggest you attend the meeting to voice your opposition to this, but it won't do any good. This city is run by a few people.

Aren't you proud you voted these people into their positions!!

See the forum for more discussion :

Editor Note: Thanks for the comments. Link above has been corrected.

This is the opinion of one or more persons and may or may not reflect the opinion(s) of Alternate opinions are welcome and may be considered for publication in this section.
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Dyess shows off the the Thunderbirds

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - Posted by Bernadette Allen, in General News., State, Country, International , Videos

May 3rd, 2015 - Day trip to Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene Texas to watch the amazing Thunderbirds.


We attended the Big Country AirFest at Dyess Air Force Base the first Sunday in May. What a wonderful day. Both the B1 and the C-130 were celebrating anniversaries of being at Dyess and they put on a particularly great show. Many aircraft were on display with guided tours being offered on many of them. Thanks to Jeff for my personal tour of the C-130J!

The airshow featured some really great acts. The ones that captured my fancy were the Air Force Thunderbirds, The Harrier Jet and the Russian MIG. There was also a bi-plane that was wonderful. The A/F and the Army had parachute jumping teams that were very interesting to watch.

The Air Force Thunderbirds closed the show. They were very interesting even before they took off. They have a precision routine set to music, which they perform as the airplanes are prepared for takeoff. They really are amazing to see.

The Harrier Jet is a joint effort between the US and Britain. It can take off vertically, like a helicopter. It can hover in the air and even back up. Amazing!

Thanks to all the wonderful people at Dyess and their guest performers for sharing such a special day with the community!

Click on the video to watch a mosaic of the show.


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City council minutes 4/7/15 (With Electrical Petition)

Monday, May 11, 2015 - Posted by Nancy Emmert, in City news

More than sixty-five people were in the audience at the council’s chamber, most undoubtedly waiting to see how councilmen would handle the “electric petitions” scheduled to be presented to them at this meeting.


They watched as council members, by passing the consent agenda, approved payment of three invoices for professional fees that had not been presented for approval in April. 


The next item on the agenda dealt with bids.  A legal notice for bids to repair roofs of some city-owned buildings was first published on April 15 and specified May 7 as the closing date.  Two publications are required and, since the second never occurred, the city manager asked that council members (1) reject all bids that have been received to this point and (2) table further consideration of the matter until the new council has been seated.  The council voted to follow those recommendations.  The city manager said those from whom proposals have been received will be notified that they will have to re-bid.


The audience listened attentively as Karen Langley, the city secretary, certified that the petitions in question had indeed been signed by a sufficient number of citizens to be presented to the council for consideration.  Then the mayor invited initial supporters of the petition to speak.


Craig Allen explained why, objections of the city attorney notwithstanding, the citizens were entitled to have their petitions considered.   LeMoine Knox reminded the council that the purpose of petitions was to give a voice to citizens.  She said those city citizens who had signed the petition did so because the electric rates were causing them great hardship and pleaded with councilmen to listen to their requests for relief. 


Eric Joffrion said that actions by prior councils may have reduced the amount of money the city hall has to pay to AEPEP, but increased the bills of citizens who ultimately pay for city hall’s operations.  And he reminded them again that...

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Voting Results

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Both hospital Propositions have failed.
Carolyn Merriman has won West Ward.

May 9, 2015 Elections
City of Coleman
Nick Poldrack - 877
Councilmember Place 2, West Ward
Carolyn Merriman - 533
Jeannie Moss - 445
Councilmember Place 3, East Ward
Gary Payne - 802
Councilmember Place 1, North Ward
Gordon Jeter - 729

Coleman I.S.D. School Trustee
Place 4
Harold Skelton - 686
Josh Hale - 577
Place 5
Sandra Rose - 1167

Coleman County Medical Center District Bond Election
Proposition No. 1
For - 828
Against - 1259
Proposition No.2
For - 786
Against - 1299

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Statement from Jeannie Moss

Friday, May 08, 2015, in City news, Opinion/Commentary

Petitions for changes in our electrical rates and/or system were presented at last night's city council meeting.  In addition to these petitions,  many citizens were present and voiced their concerns and expressed natural irritation at what was felt to be lack of caring and concern for the residents of the city of Coleman.  These concerns are real. Frustration voiced at council was real. It is clear that the residents of Coleman need and now demand their voices be heard.  I also addressed the council I support of these residents. They want growth, they want help. Growth won't come as long as high electrical rates make opening a business difficult. The number of houses vacant and for sale should warn us that things are not right.  Much work must be done. I hope the voters consider letting me help by selecting me to represent them on the Coleman city council.

This is the opinion of one or more persons and may or may not reflect the opinion(s) of Alternate opinions are welcome and may be considered for publication in this section.
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Max needs a new home.

Friday, May 08, 2015, in General News., Events and announcements

Hi, I'm Max. Ain't I handsome?! Well, I've got the goods to go with my looks. I've been to school and try real hard to be a good boy. I've been a house dog, but I'll stay in the yard if I have to as long as you've got a nice shelter and dog house for me. I'm not sure what breed mix I am. Dad may have had some Chow-Chow in him since I've got some black spots on my tongue. Mom? Probably some Setter or Retriever. Doesn't really matter. I'm just Max, and I'm waiting for you to reply to this post or call Sue at the Humane Society 325-636-8945 so you can come take me home. I'm neutered, house-trained, current on my vaccinations, about 5 years old, and ready to roll. 

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Raw video of the city council meeting 05/17/15

Friday, May 08, 2015 - Posted by Craig Allen, in City news, Videos

Yesterday(5/7/15), the two electrical petitions where certified and found to be sufficient, which means they
contained enough signatures and were of correct format.

Following the certification a very passionate discussion followed where citizens and council members alike expressed there view points.

This is the RAW footage of the meeting for those interested.

We will post an edited and shorter version soon, but wanted to let those who wish to view the whole discussion have access to this feed.

Thank you everyone that showed up and expressed your views.

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Friday, May 08, 2015 - Posted by Jo Ann Eddleman, in City news, Opinion/Commentary

I am posting the email I sent to Mr. Catoe with copies to council and the new webmaster/Municipal Judge, FYI.

Congrats on preparation of a new web site. I assume it is still under construction as much of the information available on other city web sites and on our old web site is not yet available on this new site. In particular, I was very disappointed to see that the Minutes have been removed. I feel that posted Minutes are critical to providing readily accessible information to citizens, and it is definitely an easy step toward the city showing a willingness to provide transparency in government.

As everyone knows, transparency in government is an issue around here as it should be, and a web site with as much public information as possible is a great tool for providing transparency. In addition to Minutes, many cities post check registers, monthly cash reports, audits, etc. Coleman seems to bend over backward to keep as much information as possible difficult to access. (Please see for what other cities see fit to share online. I could list many city web sites as well.)

I wanted to access the city's web site for the record in Minutes I mentioned at last night's city council meeting and found that I would have to go to the City Secretary's office. That visit would require that I search through the Minutes by hand not knowing f...

Read the post on forum by clicking here

This is the opinion of one or more persons and may or may not reflect the opinion(s) of Alternate opinions are welcome and may be considered for publication in this section.
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